Add to Sheets

Add to Sheets

Add to Sheets is a Chrome extension that lets you add content from anywhere on the web to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Save hours of manual copying and pasting. Instead, right-click and save content directly to your Google Sheets.

Add to Sheets Chrome Extension

Install the Add to Sheets extension for Chrome - it’s Free!

Also compatible with Brave and Microsoft Edge.

Boost Productivity with Add to Sheets 🚀

You can save text, links, images, and more to specific rows and columns in your GSheets Drive files. Save time every day and be more productive.

✉️ Saving Notes from Emails

Quickly save important information from emails, such as contact details, addresses, and meeting notes, directly to your Google Sheets. This works well with web-based email clients like Gmail.

💍 Wedding Planning

Easily manage guest details, track RSVPs, and save vendor contacts. Save inspiration images and links from social media and wedding websites.

💰 Budget Tracking

Monitor your spending by quickly adding prices and details from online shopping into a budget spreadsheet.

✈️ Travel Planning

Organize your trip details, including flights, accommodations, and activities, by saving the information directly from travel websites like Google Flights and Airbnb.

💪 Track Your Fitness Progress

Save workout routines, nutrition plans, and progress photos from fitness websites to for easy tracking.

🍜 Recipe Collection

Create your digital cookbook by saving recipes from cooking sites directly into your Google Sheets.

🛍️ Online Shopping

Compare products and prices by adding information from different online stores to a single spreadsheet for easy access.

🤳 Social Media & Event Organization

Keep track of all event-related information, social media post ideas, venue options, catering menus, and guest lists, in one organized sheet.

🎉 Saving Content

Save useful articles, interesting quotes, and web content that you want to read later or reference.

📊 CRM for Sales Professionals

Quickly save LinkedIn profiles, contact information, job posts, and key details directly to your CRM spreadsheet.

Privacy focused

Add to Sheets is privacy-focused 🔒 and does not store any of your Google Sheets data on our servers. All of your data is stored locally in your browser and is not shared with any third parties. We purposely don’t have any analytics or tracking in the extension to ensure your privacy.

Read more about our privacy in the frequently asked questions.

Getting Started

Learn how to install and use the extension in the Getting Started Guide 🎉

Install the Add to Sheets extension for Chrome - it’s Free!

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