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Add to Sheets

How to Sort Data in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sorting data in Google Sheets is a straightforward yet powerful tool to organize your datasets efficiently. This guide will walk you through the technical steps to sort data in various ways within Google Sheets and introduce a handy tool, the Add to Sheets Chrome extension, to enhance your data management capabilities.

Sorting Data in a Single Column

Sorting Data in Multiple Columns

Custom Sorting

Using Filters to Sort

Sorting with Functions

Merging Cells After Sorting

After sorting your data, you might want to merge cells in Google Sheets to create a unified appearance for your data. This can be useful for formatting and organizing your data more effectively.

Using the Add to Sheets Chrome Extension

To further enhance your Google Sheets experience, the Add to Sheets Chrome extension allows you to save data to your sheet directly from the web.


By following these technical steps, you can sort data in Google Sheets efficiently, whether you’re dealing with simple lists or complex datasets. With the addition of the Add to Sheets Chrome extension, your ability to gather and organize data from the web is significantly simplified, making your workflow more productive and your data analysis more robust.

Try out Add to Sheets for free and start saving time on data entry tasks by saving content directly to Google Sheets Drive files from the web.

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