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Tracking and Comparing Wedding Venue Options with Google Sheets

Finding the right wedding venue is a top priority in the wedding planning process. There are a lot of available options, ranging from rustic barns and upscale wineries to tranquil outdoor locales and intimate micro venues, can make the selection process appear challenging. Using a structured process to track and evaluate potential venues can help make the decision less stressful. This approach ensures the selected venue not only meets your aesthetic and vibe requirements but also aligns with your anticipated guest count and financial parameters.

Establishing Your Venue Selection Criteria

Begin by pinpointing what’s most important to you in a wedding venue. Is it the ambiance of a barn wedding venue, the sophistication of a winery, or the intimacy of a small venue? Knowing your style preference is crucial. Equally important is understanding your guest list size to ensure the venue accommodates everyone comfortably and aligning your venue choice with your wedding budget to identify affordable options.

Researching Wedding Venue Options

Research wedding venues and event spaces that resonate with your style and requirements. Check out different venue types like outdoor venues for a natural backdrop or Airbnb venues for a personalized touch or more of a destination feel. VRBO is another good place to check too if you you’re thinking of having an entire space for more than a single day. You may want to make it a “wedding weekend”. Keep track of all of the main information, including rental costs, capacity, and available amenities, which will be important for your comparison later on.

Creating a Comprehensive Wedding Venue Tracker

Utilize Google Sheets to create a dynamic tracker that will serve as your central hub for all venue information. This tracker will not only store data but also allow you to compare venues side by side based on various parameters.

Venue Comparison Table Structure

Here’s how you can structure your venue comparison table in Google Sheets:

Venue Name Venue Type Capacity Rental Cost Catering Cost Amenities Proximity Image URL Notes
Rustic Barn Barn 150 $4,000 Included Outdoor area, Parking 25 miles Charming, fits theme
Lakeside Winery Winery 100 $6,000 $5,000 Wine cellar, Lake view 40 miles Over budget but stunning

Creating a Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

Integrate a budget tracker within the same spreadsheet to monitor how each venue choice aligns with your overall wedding budget.

Item Estimated Cost Actual Cost Difference Notes
Venue $5,000 $4,000 =B2-C2 Found a great package deal
Catering $6,000 $6,500 =B3-C3 Includes specialty wine pairing

Utilizing Add to Sheets for Efficient Data Collection

While researching online, the Add to Sheets extension helps to save time and make you more efficient. As you come across key details on venue websites or bridal forums, you can directly save this data into your Google Sheets tracker in Google Drive. This real-time updating ensures your comparison is always based on the latest information, helping you make informed decisions.


Choosing a wedding venue is a journey filled with excitement and decisions. By meticulously tracking and comparing potential venues using Google Sheets, you can demystify this process, making it more manageable and data-driven. Whether you’re drawn to an outdoor barn venue, a lux winery, or a breezy outdoor locale, the right venue that fits your style, accommodates your guests, and aligns with your budget just requires some research.

Try out Add to Sheets for free and start saving content directly to Google Sheets from the web with just a right click.

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